Name change honors donors |

Name change honors donors

Michael Schneider

The Douglas County School Board voted to change the name of the China Spring Youth Facility Education Program to the “Stoddard and Jewel Jacobsen High School” at last week’s meeting.

The vote came after the name change was approved by the youth facility’s advisory board, which includes the county’s judges, district attorney, sheriff and private citizens.

Douglas High School principal Bev Jeans and Steve Thaler, director of the youth camp, appeared before the board to request the name change.

“Stoddard and Jewel Jacobsen provided the 40 acres that’s the current place of the camp,” said Thaler. “Without their help, there wouldn’t be a camp.”

Thaler said the reason for the long name was to concur with Stoddard’s wishes of honoring his deceased wife.

Jeans said that when students at the camp receive a diploma, it says “Douglas High School” on it, but their transcripts say “China Spring.”

Jeans said the Caliente youth facility has another name for its high school so graduates don’t carry the youth facility’s name on their transcripts.

“China Spring is about giving kids a chance to make a change,” said Jeans. “We don’t want to make it more difficult for them.”

Thaler stated emphatically that, if approved by the board, there will be no name change to the youth camp, just the educational program within it.

“But more importantly, it’s to keep the stigmatism away from the kids,” said Thaler.

“This is long overdue,” said board member Michele Lewis, making a motion of approval of the new name. “It’s a very small token that we can pay back.”