Mysterious lights seen in East Valley |

Mysterious lights seen in East Valley

A Ruhenstroth man said he saw three groups of five amber lights fly from the Pine Nuts and land in the East Valley on Friday night.

Don Nelson said he was sitting around a fire ring at around 9 p.m. when he saw the first string of lights come over the hills and into the Valley.

A short time later, five more lights came over.

“I ran and got my binoculars and was able to make out what appeared to be para-glider-like canopies over the lights and then five more of these craft came over the Pine Nuts and followed the same flight path and landing trajectory,” Nelson said.

Nelson’s sighting was around the same time that the Fernley Lantern Festival was going on 55 miles to the north.

He said the color of the lanterns look right, but that he definitely saw something that resembled a para-glider. He said the lights appeared to go against the wind.