Muller may be a parkway too far |

Muller may be a parkway too far

Completing Muller Parkway is a $39.4 million project and is required for the county to maintain just its current level of service.

Douglas County commissioners approved an update to the transportation plan, recognizing there’s not money to fund it as yet.

Commissioners approved the plan, which would keep its roads at Level of Service C, though that would cost about $120 million.

Commuters who travel Highway 395 would be right to question whether that’s the level of service they’re experiencing. That’s because the Nevada Department of Transportation maintains its roadways at Level of Service D.

In order to achieve the goal the county would have to complete Muller Parkway, build Heybourne Road from Monterra to Meridian for $25.4 million, add two lanes to Stephanie Way for $11.2 million and the $10 million expansion of Riverview.

“You can’t have a high level of service and no cost,” County Engineer Erik Nilssen told commissioners at their April 30 meeting.

During their budget hearing, commissioners set aside $150,000 to do engineering in support of an application for a federal transportation grant.

Nilssen told commissioners at the time that there were no plans or specifics attached with the construction of the parkway.

The county is responsible for 6.2 miles of highway across Park Cattle land.

“It will give us a better estimate than we have now,” Nilssen said. “Even if we don’t get the grant, the $350,000 won’t be wasted.”

The county hopes to get the grand documents in by December of this year.

“This we’ll allow us to get something in and find out if they’re even looking at doing it,” Commission Chairman Barry Penzel said. “We’ll get feedback that prepares us to achieve one in 2020.”

One of the concerns expressed at the adoption of the transportation plan update was that if the county continues to designate the road as no trucks, that might be a deal breaker for the federal government.

Some version of a bypass running north of Minden and Gardnerville has been discussed by the county since 1985. It was first appeared as Muller Lane Parkway in 1991. Developers have built some portions of the street, including from Highway 395 to Monte Vista in Minden, a short segment south of Toler behind Stodick Estates and the longest section from Grant Avenue to Pine Nut Road.

Developers are supposed to build the rest.