Mud slide caused V&T derailment |

Mud slide caused V&T derailment

Staff Reports

All passengers were safely escorted from the Virginia & Truckee Railroad on Sunday after a mud slide caused by a flash flood resulted in a partial engine derailment between Carson City and Virginia City.

The engine will be back into place today and the V&T will resume its regularly scheduled weekend operations on Friday.

The V&T Railroad provides weekend rides along 16 miles of the historic route between Carson City and Virginia City made famous by the Comstock Silver Boom of the 1850s. The original route through scenic Wild West landscape was reconstructed then re-opened last summer as a major tourism attraction. The historic route from Virginia City to Gold Hill is operating today with its normal schedule being resumed tomorrow.

“The Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company has an excellent safety record and is operated by an experienced team,” said Candy Duncan of the Carson City Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Operations are moving forward as scheduled for the weekend.”

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