Mottsville to reopen end of August |

Mottsville to reopen end of August

Mihcael Schneider

Mottsville Lane, the main traffic access between the Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe, will be open to through traffic by the end of August.

Jeff Foltz, in charge of regional transportation for the community development department, said Granite Construction of Sparks began repairing the “Big Ditch” bridge about four weeks ago. The bridge was breeched by flooding during the historic storms at the beginning of January.

Foltz said the reasons for the delay in fixing the bridge were beyond county control. He said the repairs are being funded by the federal government through the Nevada Department of Transportation.

Foltz said the state had greater emergency priorities to take care of first. He also said there were roadblocks in the form of permits to work on the ditch which also delayed the repairs.

Foltz said the new bridge will not be subject to undermining from flood waters as it was during the winter rains as it will be constructed with sheet piling to protect the approaches to the bridge.