Mottsville Lane to open in June |

Mottsville Lane to open in June

Lorna McDaniel

The tentative date for the opening of Mottsville Lane is June 4, said Jeff Foltz, associate civil engineer for Douglas County road department.

Advertisement for bids will begin next week, he said.

A cost estimate for repairs was not available yet, he added.

The repairs to the county road, which had damage to the bridge at Big Ditch during the New Year’s flood, will be handled by the state.

“The state offered to assist us – basically do the whole project – because they’re used to working with the federal government,” Foltz said.

Funds to pay for the repairs will come from emergency funding by the Federal Highway Administration, he said.

He said the approach slabs will need to be removed, sheet piling added to protect the roadway and bank protection done.

Detours are available at either Muller Lane or Centerville Lane