Motorcycles deafening |

Motorcycles deafening


Markleeville is a nice, quiet little town. It’s very pleasant to sit outside at our wonderful downtown deli and have lunch or an ice cream and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Carson Valley is a nice, quiet, mostly-rural area with ranches and cattle and hay crops and friendly stores and shops.

Why, then, do we all have to put up with the exceedingly loud and incredibly annoying roar of motorcycles? As they zoom through Markleeville you cannot carry on a conversation if you are sitting outside at the deli. The other day I was sitting outside the Carson Valley Swim Center, reading a book while my granddaughter had a swim lesson, on the Thursday before Street Vibrations in Reno. This was almost a full city block from Highway 88, and the roar of motorcycles streaming down 88 was ear-splitting and pretty much non-stop for the half hour that I was there. Presumably this goes on for three or four days.

Why do we have to put up with this? I note with pleasure that some motorcycles just purr through town, or down the highway, making almost no noise. I am loathe to suggest passage of yet another law, but why can we not have enforceable (and enforced) laws regulating decibel levels in these contraptions? It seems to me that motorcyclists can have just as pleasant a ride without causing discomfort and annoyance to others.

Nancy Thornburg