Mother, son arrested after drugs, other people’s credit cards found in car |

Mother, son arrested after drugs, other people’s credit cards found in car


A mother and son were booked early Friday morning after the woman was pulled over for speeding.

The 35-year-old Reno woman had a warrant for failure to appear on a traffic warrant. Her license was suspended and registration expired.

She asked the deputy to turn the vehicle over to her son, who was asleep in the back seat, but since he didn’t have a license, the vehicle would be towed instead.

The 19-year-old was asked if he wanted anything from the vehicle before it left, and according to court reports he asked for his backpack. Before handing it over, the deputy asked for permission to search the pack, and learned from the birth certificate inside that the teenager had given him the wrong name.

Also in the backpack were eight credit cards in someone else’s name, 10 hypodermic needles, two California driver’s licenses 5.5 grams of possible methamphetamine and a book of checks belonging to someone else.

Robert A. Gonzalez was booked on multiple drug and other charges.

■ A 78-year-old Indian Hills man was arrested for strong-armed robbery after he allegedly took a child’s bicycle on Thursday.

James Warren Relvas told deputies that children had been riding their bicycles past his home and were being too noisy.

According to court documents, Relvas yelled at two boys passing by his house on the way to the park.

He followed them to the park and told one of the boys to give him his bicycle.

The boy refused, and Relvas grabbed it from him, as the other boy recorded the incident on his cell phone.

The incident was reported to the sheriff’s office.

Relvas said he asked the boy who his parents were before he took the bicycle and told him he would return it when one of the parents came and talked to him.

Relvas was booked on a charge of strong-arm robbery.

■ A pregnant inmate who tried to leave after being taken to a medical center on Wednesday is facing additional felony charges.

Monique Gonzalez, 34, was arrested on a felony drug charge on March 31 when she allegedly had a gram of heroin that wasn’t discovered until a strip search.

She was taken to Minden Medical Center around 6 p.m. May 2 by deputies after she complained of feeling ill. While waiting, she asked to get a drink of water and was escorted to the fountain. On their way, back she jerked away from the deputy and tried to run out the door. He grabbed her and as they struggled she managed to get one handcuff off and hit the deputy across the nose.

Gonzalez could be facing additional felony charges of attempt to escape and battery on an officer by an inmate.