Mother and son hosts cited at teen party |

Mother and son hosts cited at teen party

A mother and son were cited on Friday when deputies responded to a report of a large juvenile party where alcohol was being served.

Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a home at 1325 Berning Way in the Foothills at about 10:25 p.m.

When a deputy arrived to check it out, he found a bonfire with several people around it and a barn where he could hear voices.

The deputy spoke with a male teenager who lives at the home, who said it was his birthday party and he had some friends over to spend the night.

According to the sheriff’s report, the deputy could smell alcohol on the teenager’s breath. While walking to the back yard to find the teen’s mother, home owner Susan Stewart came out from the barn and said no one was consuming alcohol at the party.

The deputy entered the barn and reported there were several people who smelled of alcohol. When he got to the second floor there were 30 juveniles. The deputy told the juveniles to stay in the barn and not leave. Rather than confront 30 people, the deputy withdrew and called for backup.

Stewart said she had no idea that the teenagers were drinking.

When a second deputy arrived, several people began to leave the party. Deputies set up a checkpoint to make sure people who were driving were sober.

Stewart was cited for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, her son was cited for being under the influence of alcohol. An 17-year-old was cited for being under the influence and one teenager was arrested with a preliminary blood alcohol level of .15.