Mosquito fogging in Minden, Genoa on Thursday |

Mosquito fogging in Minden, Genoa on Thursday

Douglas County’s mosquito warriors will be fogging 1,000 acres of pasture between Minden and Genoa on Thursday night.

With last year’s record winter, there has been plenty of work for the Douglas County Mosquito Abatement District.

Thursday’s ground fogging will focus on the area behind Westwood, north of Muller Lane and below 1862 David Walley’s Hot Springs.

District Director Krista Jenkins said the district has been using fixed wing and helicopter for larvicide and adulticide applications with averages of 700-1,000 acres since May

“Every time we ground fog Westwood which includes the commercial areas and the MGSD plant it is roughly 265 acres,” she said. “Winhaven area is roughly 300 acres, South of County Road to Cemetery is 135 acres and North of County Road is 120 acres.

According to the Douglas County Mosquito Abatement District’s web site, fogging entails driving through the streets emitting a spray/fog in order to kill adult mosquitoes.

“The effectiveness of the fogging may last for an hour and up to three days depending on the environmental conditions and the number of adults present,” according to the district. “We use ultralow volume chemicals. That means the mist comes out in micron droplets. Approximately a 1-ounce shot glass of adulticiding product will treat one acre of ground or 43,560 square feet.”

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