Mormon cricket numbers jumping |

Mormon cricket numbers jumping

Staff Reports

Nevada scourge Mormon crickets devour crops and can cause slick roads when they reach outbreak levels.

“Mormon cricket populations have been steadily increasing over the last few years,” said Nevada Department of Agriculture Entomologist Jeff Knight. “Our partnership with the USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine program allows us to monitor for infestations that pose a threat to public safety or agriculture.”

Although they are not known to carry disease, in large numbers, Mormon crickets pose a safety threat because they can create unsafe road conditions. When populations reach outbreak levels, Mormon crickets can also devastate crops.

To report Mormon crickets anywhere in the state, provide as much detail about the infestation as possible using the Mormon cricket and grasshopper reporting form at the department’s web site, or call the Department of Agriculture Entomology Laboratory at (775) 353-3767.

The laboratory will dispatch staff to evaluate the site, map the infestation and determine if the area is treatable.

Department of Agriculture staff can only treat infestations on public lands that are adjacent to roads, towns, cities or crops, and it is against federal law for private individuals to treat public land.

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