Moon Over Buffalo rises in Carson Valley |

Moon Over Buffalo rises in Carson Valley

by January Riddle
Special to The R-C

There comes a time in everyone’s life when what has been true or reliable is no longer so. Recognizing that situation and being able to deal successfully with the necessary changes it demands are different things, however.

Such are the circumstances for the lively characters in Ken Ludwig’s zippy, zany comedy, Moon Over Buffalo, the upcoming production of the Carson Valley Community Theatre. Directed by Jeff Basa and set in 1953, the play focuses on a small theatre company struggling with the competition of movies and the newly popular medium of television.

What does one do when talent and hard work are not enough to meet modern demands, let alone payroll? Erlanger Theater principal actors, George and Charlotte Hay (Chris Nerska and Michon Chandler), find themselves in such a quandary. Their attempts at improving the difficult state of affairs are the stuff of which the plot’s fun and silliness are made.

Add a hearing-impaired mother-in-law, at least one pair of star-crossed lovers, an infidelity, misunderstood roles and costumes, and an unplanned pregnancy to the storyline, and you have a wild and wacky batch of scenarios. Complicated by the promised appearance of a world-renown producer-director and a mutable repertory schedule, the little theater’s status quo becomes quite shifty.

As each of the characters discovers in her or his own way, finding a new stability means figuring out when to hang on and when to let go: of hopes, dreams, assumptions, and even lovers. That learning curve comes with switchbacks and cliffhangers, and it keeps audience members guessing and giggling all the way.

The premiere production on Broadway in October 1995 featured Carol Burnett and Philip Bosco as the Hayses, directed by Tom Moore. Carson Valley Theatre’s eight-member cast and the director are all valley local. Nerska and Chandler are joined by Katrina Olson as Rosalind; Penny Puente as Ethel; Andrew Meier as Paul; Cameron Tolbert as Howard, Carly Huddleson as Eileen and Kyle Littlefield as Richard. Carol Schirlls is the producer.

Performances are 7:30 p.m. Sept. 20, 21, 27 and 28; and 2 p.m. Sept. 22 and 29. Tickets are $18-$22. For reservations, call 775-292-0939 or log on to