Mono defuses email hoax |

Mono defuses email hoax

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An e-mail claiming that someone would set off bombs under buses and in a Mono County school unless $5,000 was paid May 7 was a hoax being perpetrated across the United States and Great Britain.

Mono County Sheriff Ingrid Braun said the e-mail which claimed three pipebombs were placed under “school transport” and another main pipe bomb was planted in a school.

Sheriff’s deputies fanned out across Mono County to check every school bus and nothing was found. School and law enforcement officials checked on the schools the morning of May 8, and again found nothing.

“The language used in this e-mail was nearly identical to that described in an official alert regarding hoax e-mails that was distributed to law enforcement earlier that day,” Braun said. “At no time were any students or school visitors in any danger,” Braun said. “In this instances we were certain there was no threat.”

The e-mails are from a group whose goal is to disrupt schools and law enforcement.