Mom’s probation reinstated in DUI case |

Mom’s probation reinstated in DUI case

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Probation was reinstated Friday for a 34-year-old Mound House woman arrested twice for driving under the influence with her two young children in the vehicle.

Megan Marshall still faces charges in Carson City for her second driving under the influence arrest.

“You didn’t get thrown out. Thank you,” said East Fork Justice Jim EnEarl after reviewing a report from New Frontiers.

Marshall was arrested a year ago in Genoa after a rollover accident that involved her children who were 4 months old and 3 at the time.

The children were wearing traffic restraints and were uninjured.

Marshall was convicted of drunk driving and sentenced to 180 days probation.

In January, she rear-ended a vehicle that had yielded on Edmonds Drive to traffic on Fairview Drive. Her blood-alcohol content was .188, more than twice the legal limit for driving in Nevada.

Her children also were in the vehicle, but were not wearing traffic restraints. They were not injured.

Marshall’s Douglas County probation was revoked and she was returned to jail and admitted to the New Frontiers in-patient treatment program on Feb. 7.

Her counselors submitted glowing reports to EnEarl about Marshall’s success in the program. One letter referred to her as a role model.

“I am elated to say I have found a solution and my sanity has been restored,” Marshall said in a letter to EnEarl.

Lawyer Walter Fey said Marshall has a Tuesday court appearance in Carson City and he’s anticipating “a lengthy treatment component and a punitive component.”

EnEarl reinstated her Douglas County probation for one year.

She is forbidden to have drugs or alcohol.

— A 64-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos woman is to appear in court on April 18 on a grand larceny charge, accused of writing $800 in checks against the account of an 85-year-old woman for whom she worked as a housekeeper.

Janet Healy agreed to the court date to give her time to hire an attorney after East Fork Justice Jim EnEarl told her she did not qualify for a court-appointed lawyer.

She was jailed on $1,500 bail.

According to investigators’ reports, Healy admitted forging four checks for $200 each. She said the victim occasionally gave her signed blank checks for expenses.

Court documents indicate Healy admitted forging the checks.

She told deputies her granddaughter needed heart surgery and her children didn’t have enough money.

She told the deputy she was sorry for the theft and had hoped to pay it back, but she didn’t have the money.

The victim’s daughter called authorities after she noticed her mother’s checking account was overdrawn.