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Minden woman gathers gifts for veterans in need

Minden resident Lacy Anscott adopted 110 veterans to help this Christmas.

Minden resident Lacy Anscott had gifts piling up in her garage on Sunday afternoon.

Anscott had taken over the effort to get veterans in need adopted for Christmas that had previously been conducted by Becky Daniels.

“My friend Becky Daniels and her husband did this for a few years before me, and I would adopt a few veterans every year,” Anscott said. “This past summer they moved to Texas, so I messaged her and asked ‘who’s doing this?’ and she said ‘Nobody.’ and my heart sank.”

Daniels had previously adopted around 70 veterans through the Northern Nevada Veterans Resource Center in Reno.

“I just thought ‘that’s 70 veterans who aren’t going to get any help this year,’” she said. “So, of course, I had to take over for that.”

Anscott posted a note to the Minden-Gardnerville Community Forum on Facebook asking for help and people responded.

“We got the 110 adopted on the primary list and other people are giving gift cards needed for the secondary list.”

She describes the resource program as one that helps veterans who are either homeless or may be soon.

“They could face eviction due to lack of a rent payment, or need help with utilities that are going to be shut off,” she said. “They also help with veterans who are homeless and are trying to find a home. They help with deposits.”

The gifts people donate are things that the grant money the program receives isn’t able to provide.

“A lot of them have asked for coffee pots, pots and pans, towels and other household items,” she said.

Those are the gifts Anscott is taking to the Reno office this week. She said that gift cards going toward the secondary list.

“The program does not give the cards to the veterans,” she said. “They call the veterans and say ‘Hey what do you need?’ and purchase the items with the cards.”

Anscott’s family moved to Carson Valley in 1994.