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Minden town board member heads to Minden, Germany

by Sheila Gardner

Bob and Nancy Hadfield will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next month in Minden. That’s not so unusual considering the Hadfields live in Minden, and he is a long-time member of the town board.

What makes it special is that the Hadfields will be in Minden, Germany, helping the Carson Valley’s sister city celebrate its 1,200th anniversary.

“We wanted to visit Prague and Austria for our 25th wedding celebration,” said Hadfield. “When we began to plan the trip, we decided we ought to go to Germany and visit Minden. I’m going to see if I can present anything to them on behalf of our board. It’s a nice followup to a visit some of their officials made to our town a few years ago.”

Hadfield is taking a watercolor of the pillars by artist Barbara Seeman, hats, T-shirts and pins depicting Douglas County’s Minden and is happy to take along other small Carson Valley souvenirs which residents might like to contribute.

“They are celebrating their 1,200th anniversary. That is so amazing to me,” said Hadfield, a former high school history teacher.

Minden, Germany was founded in 798. Minden, Nevada – founded in 1905 – was named by H.F. Dangberg Jr., after his father’s German birthplace.

“Two years ago, Nancy and I traveled to Italy. I was so intrigued and amazed by all the culture and historic buildings. When you’re surrounded by glass and steel like we are, you lose site of that. I guess that’s why I love rural Nevada history so much. It’s always been something that’s intrigued me,” Hadfield said.

In addition to his duties on the Minden Town Board, Hadfield is executive director of the Nevada Association of Counties and a former Douglas County manager.

Minden town office manager Sheila Byington received a letter in German from town officials outlining their year-long celebration.

“I called everybody I could think of who could speak German, but I wasn’t having any luck finding anyone who had the time or could translate it,”she said.

Finally, Byington was advised to contact the Bently Nevada Corp. and was put in touch with Markus Theumer who came to the international Minden manufacturing firm from Germany.

“He told me his daughter could do the translation,” Byington said.

So, the town paid $50 to 16-year-old Kathrin Theumer instead of the average translation fee of $1 per line.

“She did a wonderful job,” said Byington.

Hadfield won’t be in Minden, Germany for the town’s big celebration this summer, but he and his wife will be celebrating their 25th anniversary there on April 14.

On July 19, Carson Valley’s Minden will hold a town picnic in Minden Park to help its sister city celebrate many thousands of miles away. A free picnic is served to all town residents and entertainment. This year, children from Minden Elementary School are planning to participate.

“We can’t be in Minden, Germany physically, but we want to be there in spirit,” said Byington.

Anyone who would like to donate to Hadfield’s “care package” is asked to contact Byington at 782-5976.

For more information about Minden, Germany, or its celebration, contact the town’s website at http://www.de.

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