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Minden teen gets probation for school property destruction

by Merrie Leininger

A Minden boy was placed on probation Monday after pleading guilty to destroying school property and will later have a hearing to determine if he should have to pay $15,000 in restitution.

Beau Daniels, 15, drove on the school grounds and destroyed grass, sprinklers, flowers and a fence. A second boy who was also in the truck at the time of the vandalism was not charged in the crime.

Daniels’ attorney, Tod Young, told the court that Daniels was very sorry for what he did and was taking full responsibility for it, but he and his parents felt $15,000 was too large an amount.

“The notion they have to reseed four acres at a cost of $14,000 is absurd. I don’t think they explained this well enough for the court to justify this,” Young said.

He asked for a hearing in which school employees would testify on the amount it took to repair the damage.

Douglas County School District Director of Building Services Jim Bell said his employees did the work to repair the campus and compiled the information for the court.

He said the decision was made to reseed the four acres that the tire tracks covered because reseeding just the tracks would not repair the problem.

“If we just reseed the track he put into the ground, it will not make a uniform patch of grass and you will always see that track,” Bell said.

Bell said the area was hydro seeded, meaning the seed and fertilizer is mixed together and sprayed on the whole area, at a cost of 8 cents a square foot.

The fence was not replaced, but the cost of five employees’ time to repair it at more than five hours is included in the bill. Twelve new sprinkler heads amounted to $376 and 14 Virginia creepers cost $22, Bell said.

– Affected. The judge agreed the amount of restitution was important, but said he didn’t want the focus to be on the money.

“I want him to learn from this incident about how everybody at the school feels,” Gibbons said.

Young said information the teen-ager he had written to the Juvenile Probation Office proved that he knew the school and the community were affected by what he did.

“He wrote, ‘I know they are angry at me because they think how could a kid of the community deface the Johnson Lane school?'” Young read. “He made a bad choice, but he is not an idiot; he’s not a bad kid.”

Young said Daniels has already taken responsibility and paid for his actions. Daniels has a job so he will be able to pay for the damage and has been expelled from Carson Valley Middle School.

“I’d like to say I am sorry for this whole thing,” Daniels said.

Gibbons sentenced the boy to probation for an undetermined amount of time. Like all other juveniles, he will stay on probation until he completes the conditions. He must complete 48 hours of community work service, submit to random drug testing, submit to search and seizure for drugs, alcohol and stolen property, submit a letter of apology and start paying $250 towards restitution.

While on probation, his driver’s license will be delayed for 90 days and he is not allowed to associate with anyone else on probation.

The restitution hearing was set for Thursday, May 25 at 9:30 a.m.