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Minden road work near completion

by Christy Chalmers, staff writer

Construction crews are touching up some rough edges on Highway 395 before they quit for the winter.

The work has caused some delays for motorists at the north end of Minden, including a backup Friday afternoon that at one point stretched to Airport Road.

But Nevada Department of Transportation spokesman Scott Magruder says the workers will be gone by Thanksgiving.

“It will pretty much be back to normal,” he said. “For now, our goal is to get this in good enough condition to get through the winter.”

To do that, workers are adding another layer of pavement to the stretches of road that are uneven, creating a smooth road without ledges between lanes. The project, which started in July, reaches from the south end of Carson City to the middle of Minden.

One of the affected stretches lies between Muller Lane and Tenth Street in Minden. Another is near Jacks Valley Road. Magruder anticipated the work will be finished Monday.

Magruder said he was surprised by the paving work. Previously, Frehner Construction, which is handling the job, was expected to suspend work until the spring because of cold weather.

The highway still needs a final layer of asphalt to complete the $10 million project. To properly lay asphalt, temperatures of at least 60 F are needed.

Marguder said the paving work being done now will be considered temporary and the state will probably require it to be redone in the spring when warm weather arrives.

“We expect it to be at their cost, but we’ll probably argue that over during the cold months and arrive at some sort of agreement,” said Magruder.

The contract called for the job to be finished by Nov. 30, with an $8,000-per-day penalty for every day past that date, Magruder said.

Magruder said he doesn’t think the penalty will be applied starting Nov. 30. Instead, it might be assessed from the date warm weather arrives and work resumes.

Magruder didn’t know if the missed deadline is due to Frehner’s other projects or because the Highway 395 contract was awarded too late for a Nov. 30 finish.

“They bid it knowing it had to be done by Nov. 30, but part of the problem is the specifications came in late,” he said. “The goal now is to get it so it’s driveable and safe for the winter.”