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Minden Plan for Prosperity

by Regina Purcell, Staff Writer

There is a lot of character in the makeup of Minden D such as early 1900s architecture and a maze of alleyways D that harken back to an earlier time.

But what makes Minden, Minden?

That is what the newly released Minden Plan for Prosperity aims to answer.

Prepared by the Minden Plan for Prosperity Citizens Advisory Committee and assisted by Bruce Race of Race Studios and the Sierra Business Council, the plan took two years to complete.

A workshop outlining the 35-page report was held Tuesday, highlighting the special touches that make Minden special.

For instance, alleyways are one aspect of the town’s layout the community wants to keep, as well as smaller lots and the historic nature of Esmeralda Street, said Mimi Moss, Douglas County senior planner.

Nearly 50 people attended the workshop. The Plan goes next before the Minden Town Board for approval at its November 6 meeting. From there, the Douglas County Commission will consider adopting the plan for inclusion in the Master Plan amendments to be initiated early next year.

“We are very pleased with the whole process,” said Minden Town Manager Sheila Byington. “The plan was so well thought-out.”

The Plan also outlines the economic goals of the town, including “a successful downtown, full-service grocery store, and clean, light industrial employment.”

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