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Minden Park weather vane location decided

by Amy Alonzo
Nancy Kerley of Gardnerville and her dog Gus walk through Minden Park. A weather vane donated to the Town from Minden Rotary will be erected in the vicinity of the tree, near the gazebo.
Amy Alonzo |

The Minden Park gazebo isn’t structurally strong enough to hold a weather vane, but a weather vane still has a home in Minden Park, the Town board decided Wednesday night.

The board unanimously voted to install a weather vane that was donated to the Town on the north side of the gazebo, near the lone tree growing in the center of the park.

“We wish we could have put it on top, but the building just won’t hold it,” said Chairman Bill Souligny.

The Minden Park gazebo was built by Minden Rotary and was dedicated to the Town on July 8, 1984. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the gazebo’s dedication in 2014, Minden Rotary donated a weather vane to the Town.

“We wish we could have put it on top, but the building just won’t hold it.”— Bill Souligny,Town board chairman

Before installing the weather vane a structural analysis of the gazebo was performed, and it was found that it isn’t structurally sound enough to support the weather vane.

For the gazebo to support the weather vane would “take a lot of structural changes that would change the look of it,” Souligny said.

Representing the Minden Rotary, John Hamer said he is unsure of the exact dimensions or weight of the weather vane, but he estimates it weighs about 100 pounds.

He said Minden Rotary is flexible with where the weather vane is installed, but that the club would like to see it installed in time for a July 4 dedication. He suggested that wherever it lands, it be mounted atop a stone pillar.

Other locations suggested for the weather vane were the south side of the gazebo and on the Fifth Street side of the park.

“I like the location next to the gazebo because they built it for the gazebo,” board member Roxanne Stangle said.

The project is capped at $10,000, with the funds to come from $250,000 previously set aside by the board to refurbish the gazebo.