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Minden Medical Center to get new paint job

by Merrie Leininger

The Carson Valley Health Center Liaison Advisory Board and Carson-Tahoe Hospital trustees voted Monday to change the color scheme of the Minden Medical Center to something more traditional for the Carson Valley.

The hospital board members and Carson Valley community leaders will work together on a committee to approve a new color scheme as yet undetermined.

Carson-Tahoe Hospital owns and will operate the new medical mall at the intersection of Highway 395 and Ironwood Drive, the entrance to the Town of Minden.

The building’s multi-colored scheme has elicited criticism in recent weeks from Town of Minden officials and residents.

Once the hospital group concurred Monday that the loud colors made the building stick out like a sore thumb and appear unprofessional, a motion was passed to discuss what colors would best fit into the community.

Bill Shaw, the attorney for Joan and Roland Dreyer, who previously owned the land, said the current colors could cause people to seek medical attention elsewhere.

“You are in competition with someone else,” he said. “Maybe people will get used to it, but I don’t know why you would want something that people will have to acquire a taste for.”

n Unknown costs. Roger Sedway, construction superintendent for Carson-Tahoe Hospital, said he wasn’t sure how much it would cost the hospital to repaint the exterior because the previous paint budget included the total cost for painting the outside and inside.

He suggested the hospital might want to rebid the painting.

“I don’t know what the procedures are on changes like this,” Sedway said. “It might delay the certificate of occupancy.”

He said if it didn’t delay the process, the building would have the certificate by the first week of September and staff could begin moving in.

Steve Smith, chief executive officer of Carson-Tahoe Hospital, said he would take responsibility for signing off on the current color scheme.

“I do have the original color palette that is signed off on,” he said. “We approved it, but if someone has to take the responsibility, I accept it’s my fault. The architect did every he was supposed to; the contractor put on the paint he was supposed to.”

Sedway showed the group a blueprint of the building that was shaded with colored pencils and he passed around a palette of paint colors, which were darker than the colors on the drawing.

He said it could be that people did not understand the colored pencils were not the colors they were approving.

He also said another color scheme had been rejected in 1995 for being too pastel.

The siding was also a point of discussion on Monday. The T1-11 siding is a material widely used throughout the county, Sedway said. It is less expensive than other siding, but should not need maintenance every year as one board member suggested.

Minden Town Board member Ray Wilson said Tuesday he was glad the colors would be changed and felt the colors the board approved were not the ones on the building now.

“It is a pretty building, and with the right colors it could be even prettier,” he said.

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