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Minden gets look at new casino plan

by Jeff Munson, Staff Writer

A 117-acre hotel, casino and residential development proposed for Minden drew less criticism and more praise from several residents attending a second open house on the matter.

While the weight of Wednesday’s public gathering at the CVIC Hall in Minden still carried skepticism, some Winhaven residents say if it’s built, they won’t mind.

“On the whole, they’ve satisfied my main concern, which is the roads. It will be a beautiful development,” said Winhaven resident Bill Billing.

A chief concern of Billing and other Winhaven residents was a plan to have Lantana Drive, which goes through Winhaven, be a main artery for the proposed development.

The site is located near the junction of Highway 395 and 88, on the west side of the Winhaven subdivision, east of Highway 395, south of Muller Lane and north of Lucerne Drive. The location is zoned for commercial and residential development in the county’s master plan.

However, after seeing the proposal shot down this summer by two advisory boards to the Douglas County Commission, the developers, Nevada Northwest LLC, resubmitted their plans with the hope of satisfying some of their harshest critics.

Some remained unsatisfied.

“Architecturally, they haven’t changed anything. And as far as scaling it back, it’s only 12 units,” Winhaven resident Larry Saylor said. “They’ve moved some things around, but basically it’s the same thing.”

Saylor’s objection results from paying a $10,000 premium on his home, he paid specifically because of the mountain range view.

His frustration is more directed at the Winhaven developer, Syncon homes.

“I paid a premium for the lot. The realtor and developer didn’t infer to me this land was zoned for development,” Saylor said.

Winhaven resident John Garvin, who also paid a premium, said his foremost concern is stopping the development.

“We don’t want a casino in our backyards and near our school,” Garvin said.

Others said they like the changes and encourage county leaders to approve the project.

“What I’ve seen in the plans I like,” said Curtis Siever of Minden. “I like the fact that retail is built into this along with the casino and restaurants. I think it’s a go and good this time around.”

Winhaven resident George Foster said restructuring the roads was a good idea.

When the project was first proposed, Foster said he had concerns over traffic patterns and housing density. Both have been scaled back, he said.

While the changes won’t make everyone happy, Foster said the developers did a good job identifying problem areas and correcting them.

“They listened to the people and listened to the planning commission,” Foster said.

While acknowledging some of the changes, Foothill Road resident Diane Sheridan said her objection is having another casino in town.

“I am generally opposed to the project because I don’t think the community will benefit from another casino,” Sheridan said.

She also added that she objects to the RV park proposal because “it caters to the gambling tourist and I don’t think it’s desirable to attract that kind of tourist to our town.”

Winhaven resident Patti Burke said she doesn’t like the European architectural design.

“It’s great in coastal lands and the Mediterranean and in Palm Beach,” Burke said. “However, this is Nevada, It’s out of place. The architecture should fit the setting.”

Winhaven resident Marty Londos said she’s pleased the developers addressed her main concern, which was traffic through the Winhaven development. While she hasn’t made up her mind, Londos said her main concern is how the development will be able to handle sewer services.

The Minden Town Board will hear the site development plan on Oct. 3 beginning at 7 p.m. at the CVIC Hall, 1604 Esmeralda Avenue. The Douglas County Planning Commission will hear it Oct. 9 and the Douglas County Commission will hear it Nov. 1.

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