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Minden-Gardnerville water systems linked for emergencies

by Sheila Gardner

A historic link will be made in the next few days between the towns of Minden and Gardnerville as their water systems are hooked together to provide emergency service.

“After who knows how many hundreds of years these two towns have been neighbors, the Gardnerville Town Water Co. and the Minden Town Board decided for safety’s sake and the regionalization of water supplies that these two entities should be connected,” said Larry Clendenen, manger of the Gardnerville Town Water Co.

“That means we are putting an automatic control valve that will feed water from Gardnerville to the Town of Minden or from Minden to Gardnerville.”

Clendenen said the valve will open and close automatically, depending on pressure settings. “In the case of a fire in Minden, the water could be fed from Gardnerville, or if there is a problem in Gardnerville, Minden could help out,” he said.

n At the border. The connection was made near the GTE phone company at the Minden-Gardnerville border.

“There is a meter that registers in both directions so we know how much water went to Minden and how much went to Gardnerville,” Clendenen explained.

Tom Cook, a member of both the Gardnerville Water Co. and Gardnerville Town boards, said the connection represents a spirit of cooperation between the two communities.

“It kind of got started when we got into the Carson Valley Water Authority,” he said. “It came down to the fact that the two towns had to start cooperating. These two towns get along fine. The world is too big and life is to short to be shooting arrows back and forth.”

Clendenen said the project cost $16,000 and costs were evenly divided between Minden and Gardnerville.

“I think it’s a historic event and really important in Carson Valley and really important for what the Town of Minden and the Gardnerville Water Co. stand for. And that is working together to get a better handle on our resources and manage them more effectively and more efficiently,” said Bruce Scott, Town of Minden engineer.