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Midland Garage on its last legs

The old Midland Garage is pretty much a goner regardless of what happens with a special use permit and variance proposed by the Lekumberry family for property next to the J.T. Basque Bar & Dining Room.

Planning commissioners voted 7-0 to approve both requests on Tuesday.

“Fortunately, we’re successful enough to where we need more parking,” owner J.B. Lekumberry told planning commissioners.

Representative Keith Ruben said trying to bring the wooden structure up to the level where it could be occupied by a business would cost a great deal.

“Old buildings are expensive to operate and maintain,” he said. “To bring this from the dead is not economically feasible. There’s not much to save.”

County code requires a special use permit to have a parking lot as the only development on a parcel. The Lekumberrys could do a lot line adjustment to combine their parcels and not require a permit.

However, they want to keep the parcel separate for maximum flexibility.

“We don’t know what Gardnerville’s going to look like in 50 years,” Lekumberry said.

Gardnerville Town Board members recommended approval of the request last week.

The only question before county officials is whether the parcel can be a parking lot.

The variance deals with the width of the landscaping at the back of the parcel. County code requires a 10-foot wide planter while the applicants are seeking a 2-foot-wide planter, which would line up with the 2-foot planter behind Sharkey’s.

The Lekumberrys can demolish the building at any time for the price of a building permit.

A brick structure on the property that predates the garage would remain and would be used for storage.

Built at the beginning of the 20th Century, the structure became a garage in 1920. The facade was painted in 2007 when Yager’s Garage moved its small engine repair shop there.

The developers of an eight-unit subdivision were denied a variance for a cul-de-sac to serve some of the homes.

The Chapel Crest subdivision is located behind Damascus Church on Topaz Lane off Tillman in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

The project has the proper zoning, but the distance between the cul-de-sac entrance and the intersection of Gina and Topaz Lane is only 125 feet.

Applicant Bill Nichols said that he was working with the county engineering office to determine the best plan and they said having just three entrances on Topaz would be better than one per home.

County commissioners will have an opportunity to weigh in on the project.

A 16-lot subdivision north of Cindy’s Trail will be discussed by planning commissioners at their Aug. 13 meeting.

Developer Willow Hills is seeking a project on about 28 acres south of Washoe Tribal lands in the north county.

The lots would be 1-1.28-acres in size and the property is properly zoned.

However, the homes in the project are proposed to have septic tanks, which could affect Clear Creek and the Sierra Estates district well.

The project would be served by a cul-de-sac extension of Cherokee Drive beyond Buck Way.

The Nevada Department of Environmental Protection wrote the county with concerns about the septic systems.