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Middle school students run for pumpkins

by Scott Neuffer

Carson Valley Middle School has found a way to counter the candy indulgences of Halloween while promoting overall fitness.

On Thursday, divided by grade level and gender, students raced along a 1.9-mile course that took them to Martin Slough and back as part of the second annual CVMS Pumpkin Run.

“An active body leads to an amazing mind,” said CVMS physical education teacher Janae Ballingham. “As a registered Let’s Move In Schools (LMIS) school, we are aiming to increase moderate to vigorous, and daily, physical activity amongst our youth. This year’s pumpkin run is our second, all-school attempt at doing just that. The PE department hopes to create the sense of physical activity importance and awareness throughout the school year.”

Keeping with tradition, a total of 300 pumpkins were awarded to top finishers of the races.

“My legs kept stiffening up in the cold, but I just kept going,” said Zachary Kruse.

The jaunty 13-year-old took first place in the seventh-grade boys race with a time of 13:49. He promptly signed his pumpkin and laid it with the rest of the bright-orange accolades.

“I play a lot of soccer and run cross-country,” he said. “Usually the cold would be a problem with my asthma, but I brought my inhaler just in case.”

Karina Peterson and Megan Sando, both 12, tied for first place in the seventh-grade girls race, coming in just over 15 minutes.

“We held hands at the end,” Karina explained. “We both said that we would feel guilty if one of us won over the other.”

Karina likes to run in her spare time. Megan plays soccer.

“I thought running in the cold made it easier because it was not as hot,” Megan said.

Karina already had plans for her prize pumpkin.

“My mom will roast the seeds and maybe make a pumpkin pie,” she said.

“My mom might do the same,” Megan exclaimed.

Both girls agreed that physical education is important.

“It feels good knowing you’re a healthy person,” Karina said.

7th grade girls:

1. Megan Sando and Karina Peterson with 15:17

2. Desiree Lehrke 15:37

3. Payson Coverly 15:49

4. Jillyan Jacobson: 16:00

5. Amy Kohler: 16:19

7th Grade Boys:

1. Zachary Kruse: 13:49

2. Haden Keller: 14:19

3. Nick Pedroz: 14:22

4. Bryson Williams: 14:24

5. Jordan Warren: 14:29

8th Grade Girls:

1. Bailey Gansberg and Lizzie Byrn: 13:52

2. Kiersten Boyd: 14:46

3. Madison Ryan: 14:48

4. Amanda Davidson: 14:55

5. Emma Gray: 15:07

8th Grade Boys:

1. Isidro Montoya Acosta: 12:35

2. Nolan Greth: 12:45

3. Pedro Vega: 13:51

4. Derek Wing: 13:25

5. Edgar Hernandez: 13:55

9th Grade Girls:

1. Corryne Millett: 13:52

2. Kate Hill: 14:05

3. Marlee Ford: 15:07

4. Hannah Tems: 16:40

5. Emily Isaacs: 16:43

9th Grade Boys:

1. Brandon Pierce: 11:37

2. Trysten Duzan: 13:24

3. Alberto Solis: 14:37

4. Alex Gumm: 14:39

5. Conner Lyman: 14:59