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Microburst sends gliders tumbling

A microburst damaged several gliders and at least one small plane at Minden-Tahoe Airport on Monday afternoon.

The airport’s weather system recorded a 47 mph wind gust at 4:15 p.m., which sent at least three gliders, including one that had just landed, tumbling.

According to an airport chat, a soaring instructor and student had just landed when the gust hit and couldn’t hang onto the glider that flew into the air and shattered on landing.

Another glider got loose after a tie-down pulled through the wind and sheared off the nose gear of the small Bonanza. Another glider was flipped over by the wind.

In town, emergency personnel responded to reports of power lines arcing in the wind. A power line in a tree above the Sierra Motel knocked out power to neighboring businesses.

East Fork firefighters responded to the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center in Minden after deputies reported smoke and the smell of ozone.

A homeowner on Toiyabe Avenue in Gardnerville reported a tree fell over, damaging a corner of his roof.

There were no reports of injuries from the windstorm that sent a cloud of dust flying through town, reducing visibility.

Monday’s microburst was the result of a thunderstorm through the north Valley. There were no reports of fires, though a dust devil passing through the northern part of the county prompted one caller to report smoke.

Residents reported that Smelter Creek filled up with water from a downpour over the Pine Nut Mountains on Tuesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service issued a flood statement for the Numbers Fire burn area for 1-3 p.m. Tuesday. Smelter Creek passes through Ruhenstroth, south of Gardnerville.

As of Wednesday morning, forecasters took thunderstorms out of the weather outlook, but replaced them with hot, dry gusty winds. A red flag warning was issued for Western Nevada.