Men come forward in cycle accident |

Men come forward in cycle accident

Andy Bourelle

The two unknown males involved in the trail-riding accident with an 11-year-old boy in the Johnson Lane area on Thanksgiving have contacted the boy’s family.

Raelene Lochridge, the boy’s mother, said she did not want to reveal their names, but the men, in their early 20s, had come to her home and talked with her family about the incident.

The Lochridges had been offering a $100 reward for information leading to the identity of the individuals. They had been involved in an accident with her son, Shawn Lochridge, on Thanksgiving, which left Shawn with a broken left arm, two broken fingers and a broken right wrist. Shawn had been out with friends, riding a motorcycle. The two men were riding a motorcycle and a quad (a four-wheeled vehicle) and had collided with Shawn. The family had been concerned because the two individuals had left quickly, without helping Shawn.

Raelene said the men, when they came to talk, maintained the collision had not been their fault and that they had tried to help. The family does not intend to pursue any legal action or try make them pay restitution.

The two individuals agreed to help Shawn repair his motorcycle, Raelene said.

Raelene said three-fourths of the people using the dirt trails ride safely, but she would like to see everyone be more safe. She thinks people should have a place to go to ride and wants them to ride safely.

“Hopefully they’ll pay more attention next time, because next time it could be worse,” she said. “I think all these kids learned a lesson, at least the ones around at the time (of the accident). I think they’re going to be more careful.”

Shawn is doing well, Raelene said, considering the circumstances.