Master plan update work in progress |

Master plan update work in progress

While nearly done, planning commissioners’ work on the 20-year update of the Douglas County Master Plan will continue in December.

Planning commissioners approved the remaining part of the master plan’s first volume on Tuesday, not including the index.

Community Development Director Mimi Moss said the index will have to wait on completion of the plan’s second volume.

The second volume contains more details on existing conditions and trends relating to the elements in the first volume.

Approved on Tuesday were the executive summary, table of contents, acknowledgements, acronyms, glossary and appendices.

Douglas County commissioners are scheduled to hear the first volume at their Dec. 4 meeting, Moss said.

“Since we’re doing this again next month, wouldn’t it be easier to do the whole thing,” Planning Commissioner Frank Godecke suggested.

“I don’t disagree with you, but because we have it prepared we’d like to go forward,” Moss replied. “I know it’s piecemeal and it’s not preferred, but you’ve done so good so far.”

Moss said county commissioners might decide to delay approval of the plan until January.

The plan is still awaiting county commissioners’ approval of the transportation element.

Planning Commissioner Jim Madsen said he felt the plan should have been done before the board turns over in January.

“You’ll have a board in December, but if anything comes down the pike after that, you won’t have the same people here,” he said. “I definitely think this is a travesty.”

Madsen’s and Chairwoman Margaret Pross’s planning commission seats are up for appointment this year.

Moss said the timeline for completing the plan was very ambitious on the parts of both the consultant and staff.

“There was not enough time to put all the documentation together,” she said. “The scope should have been extended out.”

In other business, planning commissioners approved changing the phasing of a high-end Lake Tahoe condominium project.

Representative David Hagen said Lake Tahoe Beach Club was adding three buildings from the second phase of the project to the first.

“As the design progressed we were able to get a handle on the unit configuration, so it made sense to add them to the map at this time,” he said.

The project has sold out most of the original first phase and has completed the foundations of the first two buildings.

Located on the west end of Kahle Drive at Stateline, the 143-unit project must still be approved by Douglas County commissioners.

Moss said Tuesday’s recommendation for approval did not alter the total number of units.