Master plan maps clear first hurdle |

Master plan maps clear first hurdle

One of the keys to Douglas County’s master plan over the past 23 years have been the maps included in its pages.

The county adopted the master plan in 1996 and revised it every five years. The 20-year update was in progress when that went off the rails in January 2018.

Both county and planning commissioners expressed an interest in slimming down the document and making it more visually accessible at a joint meeting in May.

The new maps adjust community plan areas to conform with present and future land uses.

The maps also reflect changes that have occurred over the six years. Those include receiving area that has been developed, reflecting conservation easements, deed restrictions and open space requirements

Douglas County commissioners are scheduled to review the maps at their Aug. 1 meeting.

Community Development Director Tom Dallaire said the next hurdle will be to work on the text in time to present it to the planning commission on Nov. 12 and to the county commission on Dec. 5.

At a May meeting, Dallaire said his hope was to reduce the master plan size from its current 1,100 pages to something closer to 300.