Markleeville girl new Little Miss Washoe |

Markleeville girl new Little Miss Washoe

Nevaeh Montoya, 9, is Little Miss Washoe 2016.
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Dressed from head to toe in culture and tradition 9-year-old Markleeville girl Nevaeh Montoya was crowned Little Miss Washoe last month at the Carson City Washoe colony gym. With the crown came the responsibility of representing the tribe in a respectful manner and carrying herself in a moral way, which is exactly why she pursued the crown.

“We are always remembered by the footsteps we leave behind,”said Nevaeh. “I wanted to be a good role model for little girls to follow.”

Nevaeh’s mother and Aunt were also crowned when they were younger which was another reason she wanted it.

“They’re always a good role model to me and I wanted to follow in their footsteps too,” she said.

Nevaeh’s mother, Sari Payne, was crowned Miss teen of Washoe and was the first Miss Wa-She-Shu, along with the La Ka Lel Bi crown.

“It’s sort of been a tradition in our family,” said Payne. “It’s something we pass down and encourage because it’s a great experience.”

For her speech and talent Nevaeh incorporated a lot of Washoe language into her routines on Aug. 18, singing “The Rabbit boss “ by Marvin Arnett Jes.

Nevaeh enjoys being involved within the community and helping others. She helps her younger brother learn Washoe and reads and sings with him, she helps her teachers at school and is an active Girl Scout. She is also a cheerleader with Douglas Pop Warner Junior Pee Wee and is the first Native American on her team.

Nevaeh’s goals as Little Miss Washoe, is to continue helping others and to encourage kindness among her peers.

“Respect your elders and other people,” she said “and treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Nevaeh wants to be valedictorian in high school and be in the Olympic roller derby when she is 18, but if that doesn’t work out, she wants to be a singer.