Marines seeking Devil Pups |

Marines seeking Devil Pups

Staff Reports

The Devil Pups are looking for a few good teens, both male and female, for this year’s encampment at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton in California.

Participants between the ages of 14 and 18, may qualify for a free 10-day stay while attending the mini boot camp from Aug. 1-12.

This is not a place where young people are sent because of disciplinary problems. This camp provides a taste of military life and help develop leadership skills.

Participants will be tested continually, both mentally and physically, while in the encampment.

Anyone interested who feels they are up to the challenge, should call Tony Klein at 267-9234 or Staff Sgt. Bob Roach, USMC, retired, at 423-6635 or Maj. George Class at 721-5643 or 782-9521.