Marine base conducts active shooter training |

Marine base conducts active shooter training

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Marine Corps Police Patrolmen making initial entry following the report of "shots fired." They are using all required protective gear and airsoft replicas of their duty weapons for realistic force-on-force action.
Doug Toskin/Special to The R-C |

The Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in Pickel Meadow conducted an active shooter training exercise Nov. 20 on base and at the housing complex near Coleville, Calif.

The exercise consisted of an active shooter scenario at military housing with role players acting as the active shooter and victims.

“MD-13 (the training) was focused on exercising and evaluating police and fire immediate response to include the establishment of incident command and the handling of mass casualties in the event of such an attack. The exercise went very well with all objectives met and important lessons learned,” said Doug Toskin, anti-terrorism officer and emergency manager. “Additionally, we examined our ability to effectively direct and control incident activities to include crime scene management, the treatment and evacuation of casualties, and the application of the incident command system and national incident management system protocols.”

The joint training with base police and fire department included Mono County Sheriff’s Department and paramedics, South Lake Tahoe FBI, Carson City Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Antelope Valley Volunteer Fire Department, and Gardnerville CareFlight.

Col. J.J. Carroll was pleased with the training.

“Overall, it went very well. The fact we had local law enforcement and local EMS there to view it helped us,” Carroll said. “Being where we are in Mono County, if something like this was to happen for real, we’d all have to work together.”

The base plans on doing a similar exercise in May.