Man who fought deputies in Sonoma jail |

Man who fought deputies in Sonoma jail

A man whose February 2016 struggle with Douglas County deputies wound up in a traffic lane of Highway 395 is being held without bail in Sonoma, Calif.

Michael Lindauer, 34, was last arrested March 17 after he allegedly took $2,000 in property from a motorcycle parked at Sonoma Plaza.

According to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, he taken into custody on felony possession of stolen property and shoplifting.

According to news reports of his March arrest, Lindauer was found with keys to 16 different vehicles..

Authorities received a report a man had taken a key from a vehicle near a ballfield. A man matching Lindauer’s description was spotted looking through a motorcycle’s saddle bags later that day.

A $5,000 warrant was issued for Lindauer’s arrest on Tuesday after he didn’t appear for sentencing in Douglas County District Court.

Lindauer admitted to three gross misdemeanor counts of battery on a peace officer on Nov. 28, 2017, when his sentencing was set.

Public Defender Maria Pence told the court Lindauer’s mental health wasn’t doing well.

“Jails are fundamentally flawed for mental health treatment. I understand that,” Young said. “But he is also facing three violent crimes, gross misdemeanors or not.”

Young ordered a bench warrant with a $5,000 bondable bail.

Lindauer was arrested after deputies responded to a 911 call from the Sierra Motel.

When deputies arrived, he ran into the highway and they caught and took him down in the slow lane during lunchtime. Fortunately, traffic was slow because it was Washington’s birthday.

■ A 34-year-old Gardnerville man, who admitted he had methamphetamine, faces up to 1-4 years in prison at a July 10 sentencing.

Nicholas L. Bornt was released on his own recognizance on Tuesday after entering a guilty plea to the charge on Tuesday.

He was arrested in March after deputies responded to the Sierra Motel to a 911 hang-up. When they arrived, the victim told them Bornt locked her in the room and pushed her to keep her from leaving.

During a search of his vehicle, deputies found the drugs.

Bornt was returned on a bench warrant after failing to appear, and admitted to the charges.

He faces sentencing in his Justice Court case relating to the incident in three weeks.

Bornt claimed he had missed his last hearing because his father was in the hospital after he suffered a stroke. Documentation backed this story up, his bond was exonerated, and Bornt was released on his own recognizance.

A Gardnerville Ranchos woman received a suspended three-year sentence for embezzling money from the Mont Bleu casino.

Cara L. Milligan, 41, was arrested after taking unclaimed slot vouchers and pocketing the money for herself over several months.

She was ordered to pay fines of nearly $5,000 and sentenced to 12-34 months with 100 hours of community service.

“You need to quit being a thief. You don’t have an excuse because there is no excuse,” Young said. “Being desperate does not authorize you to take other people’s property. Take control of your own life.”

A 21-year-old man facing drug charges was released to his father’s custody in order to find treatment in California.

Austin Taggart of Roseville was arrested after several probation violations, including testing positive for methamphetamine, during diversion.

Due to an inability to enroll in a California treatment program without interviewing in person, Young granted his release into the custody of his father.

He ordered to be in a treatment program by June 12.

A bench warrant was issued for a man claiming to be in medical treatment in Colorado, but has no evidence of it.

Bradley A. Thompson, 23, was arrested Oct. 2017 after a call to deputies claiming a fraud suspect was on property. Thompson had allegedly previously cashed fradulent checks at the property.

While being questioned by deputies, Thompson emptied his pockets which contained several hypodermic needles, 3 grams of methamphetamine, and a fraudulent check.

Thompson admitted to the charges in Dec. 2017.

Thompson was scheduled to be in court for sentencing several weeks ago, but is allegedly in treatment for lung cancer in Colorado.

However, after continuing the trial for several weeks in order to receive documentation confirming is illness and treatment, still no evidence was given to Thompson’s attorney.

Judge Young issued a bench warrant with a $5,000 bail.