Man sentenced for gross lewdness |

Man sentenced for gross lewdness

Sheila Gardner

A former state prison guard was sentenced Monday to one year in Douglas County Jail for open and gross lewdness after the 15-year-old victim said she wished he’d be subject to the eight or nine years of abuse she claims he inflicted on her.

“This has affected my life very much,” the girl told Michael Cady Sr., 38. “I just want you to know how much your lying has affected me. It has just screwed up my life.”

The young woman also told Cady that she has been strengthened by the incident.

“I’m glad it happened to me in a way. It made me so strong. It made me want to be a counselor and help other people,” she said.

The girl said she thought a year in Douglas County Jail wasn’t enough punishment.

“You should have as many years as what you’ve done to me, eight or nine years,” she said.

Nick Caruso, the girl’s great uncle who provided a home for her after Cady was arrested in January, testified, “There’s a lot of hurt in that young girl, deep down hurt.”

“I just want to ask him why,” Caruso said, referring to Cady.

“How do you know it was?” Cady said, before he was silenced by his attorney, Tod Young.

Because Cady was classified as a “moderate” threat to reoffend, he was denied probation.

“This involves a huge dispute between Michael and (the victim) as to the sum of the behavior between them,” Young said. “He has been adamant that this conduct involves one incident, one incident only.

“You have to presume him innocent of charges he did not plead guilty to,” Young told District Judge Michael Gibbons.

Young said Cady has written a letter of apology to the victim.

Cady told Gibbons that if he were incarcerated, he’d be unable to obtain treatment.

“I ask the hand of God over you as you sentence me,” Cady said.

“I don’t believe your version of what happened,” Gibbons said.

Gibbons also told the victim that the incident was not her fault.

“You need to hear from the court that this was not your fault. You were a victim,” he said.

The one-year sentence was the maximum possible for the gross misdemeanor count of open and gross lewdness with a minor that Cady pleaded guilty to in March. He must pay $1,858 in restitution and submit blood and saliva samples for genetics testing.

He resigned his guard job at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center following his arrest. Cady was originally charged with sexual assault involving a minor, a felony. A plea bargain was offered because of evidentiary problems that could have hindered prosecutors, reducing the charge to a gross misdemeanor.