Man sent to prison for trafficking |

Man sent to prison for trafficking

by Sheila Gardner

Ernie Ottowa II

A 32-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos man was sentenced Monday to three years in Nevada state prison after he pleaded guilty to trafficking in methamphetamine.

“I committed a crime. I am ready to serve my time and take full responsibility,” Ernest E. Ottowa II said in a written statement to District Judge Michael Gibbons.

He was arrested Jan. 19 after officers found narcotics in a traffic stop on Highway 88 in front of the Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital at 1 a.m.

During a search, deputies discovered a plastic bag in Ottowa’s pocket which he said was methamphetamine.

The suspect said he got the drug in Reno in a trade, but did not disclose further information about the transaction.

A search of Ottowa’s vehicle turned up two jewelry cases, new table grinder, new tool box with new tools, plastic containers of crystals and miscellaneous rocks, power tools, air compressor tools, extension cords and a black suitcase filled with children’s board games.

“I realize the crime I committed was wrong,” Ottowa said Monday. “I realize I need to put all this behind me and move forward for myself and my family. There is no life for them with me going in and out of jail.”

Gibbons sentenced Ottowa to a minimum of 14 months and gave him credit for 80 days in custody.

“You know what your problem is,” Gibbons said. “You use drugs and you get in trouble. This is your second felony conviction. Next time, you probably will receive a lengthy sentence, if there is a next time.”