Man sent to prison for probation violations |

Man sent to prison for probation violations

by Sheila Gardner
Douglas County Sheriff's Office

Probation was revoked Tuesday for a 68-year-old Johnson Lane man with a string of violations since he was sentenced for a 2010 weapons offense fueled by alcohol.

District Judge Tod Young ordered William Calebaugh to serve his 12-32-month Nevada prison sentence after the latest violation which occurred in December at his home during a holiday visit with his two adult daughters.

Calebaugh pleaded guilty last week in East Fork Justice Court to two misdemeanor charges of battery against the women.

Judge Tom Perkins sentenced Calebaugh to six months in Douglas County Jail.

On Tuesday, Young revoked Calebaugh’s probation, and ordered him to prison. He said the prison sentence can be served concurrent to the six months in jail.

“You cannot commit a violent crime when you’re on probation,” Young said.

He gave Calebaugh credit for 114 days in custody.

“I’m just so sorry for all this. I just want to go home and be with my wife,” Calebaugh said. “I want this to go away. I just want to do the right thing.”

Forensic psychologist Dr. Joseph McEllistrem, who evaluated Calebaugh, said his behavior was influenced by “a long chronic history of alcohol dependency.”

That was evidenced by the fact that until Calebaugh was 66, he had no criminal history.

Were Calebaugh to remain on probation, McEllistrem said he would have to augment his treatment plan with additional anger management, continued attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and meetings with his sponsor, and discontinue use of prescription sleep aids which raise the risk of relapse.

Calebaugh was sentenced in February 2011 to 12-32 months in prison, suspended, and ordered to surrender his $100,000 gun collection for going on a two-day alcohol binge and shooting up his house in September 2010.

At the time, his blood-alcohol content was .256, more than three times the legal limit of .08.

He was taken into custody in September 2012 for an alcohol relapse which coincided with one of his daughter’s weddings.

When he was arrested for the incident in December, he was sober, according to reports.

Calebaugh admitted he used excessive force with his daughters.

Deputies were called to his home Dec. 18 after the victims said he shoved one woman into a kitchen counter and put the second in a headlock when she came to her sister’s rescue.

The women said Calebaugh was upset because they had decided to cut short a visit with their father and were getting ready to leave.

The altercation was broken up when a victim’s husband reportedly punched Calebaugh in the face.

“He could be a success on probation, but that hasn’t been proven yet,” McEllistrem said.

Prosecutor Tom Gregory asked that Calebaugh’s probation be revoked.

Reading from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office report, he gave a much different account from Calebaugh of what happened at the defendant’s home in December.

“He’s on probation, already been back in court for a revocation hearing, and was given another opportunity. Then he commits two new violent offenses on his daughters,” Gregory said. “He could do well on probation, but he hasn’t proven that yet. It’s been two years, and we’re sitting here.”