Man sent to prison for Gardnerville grand larceny |

Man sent to prison for Gardnerville grand larceny

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A 28-year-old Carson City man was sent to prison Tuesday, three years after he pleaded guilty to stealing $27,000 in jewelry, silverware and other items from family members.

District Judge Tod Young revoked diversion for Timothy Matthew Jenkins because of his continued drug use and sentenced him on a grand larceny charge.

“Your problem is so bad, you steal from people who care about you the most,” Young said.

Jenkins admitted he had injected steroids and used methamphetamine and heroin in April and May.

He has several probation violations for drug use.

Young sentenced him to 38 months in Nevada state prison, and told him he must serve 15 months before he is eligible for parole.

He gave Jenkins 284 days credit for time served.

“You’re not going to be in very long,” Young said. “You need to really think about what you’re going to do when you get out. You don’t want your (child) visiting your grave.”

Young told Jenkins with the severity of his drug habit, he was endangering his life.

He encouraged Jenkins to enter a long-term rehabilitation program when he gets out of prison.

Jenkins was sentenced to probation in January 2011 for the 2010 offense, but committed several probation violations.

“You haven’t just continued to use,” Young said, “you started out on prescription drugs, now you have gone on to steroids, methamphetamine and heroin. You have branched out.”

Young said he disliked putting addicts in prison, but felt he needed to protect the community from Jenkins, and assure he has a period of sobriety.

“The last six years have been pretty miserable,” Jenkins said. “I want to go home to my wife and child, and work on fixing this. I’ve not really faced my problems.”

Prosecutor Erik Levin reviewed all Jenkins’ probation violations, and his opportunities at treatment, regimental discipline programs and probation.

“He has nearly a 100 percent likelihood to reoffend,” Levin said. “Prison is one way to protect the community for a little while.”

Jenkins was ordered to pay $16,000 restitution of which he submitted a $4,000 check at sentencing.

He admitted stealing from family members to support his heroin habit.

Although the total was nearly $27,000, some items were recovered from pawn shop