Man sent to prison for domestic battery |

Man sent to prison for domestic battery

Staff Reports

A 39-year-old Gardnerville man was sentenced Monday to three years in Nevada State Prison for his third conviction for domestic battery.

Stefan Delia was arrested May 17 for what his lawyer said was “a hair-pulling incident.”

The victim said she feared for her life. She was the target of Delia’s prior domestic battery conviction in January 2009. He also had a conviction that month in Lyon County.

“He grabbed her hair,” said lawyer Tod Young. “She had been drinking. They were having an argument. She was in the street. He grabbed her.”

Young said there were indications Delia was trying to protect the woman by getting her out of the street.

“If a battery can ever be categorized as minor, this is about as minor as is going to happen,” Young said.

Young said Delia, who has extensive contacts with law enforcement, did not use any controlled substance.

“Stefan proved he put the controlled substances part of his life behind him. He is still using alcohol, but no more meth. It’s a testament to his ability to make a change,” Young said.

Delia apologized to the court.

“If you go before any future judge, they’re going to say, ‘This person (Delia) has to be put away as long as possible,'” Judge Michael Gibbons said.

“Stay away from drugs and alcohol. You can’t control yourself,” he said.

He sentenced Delia to three years in prison with a minimum parole eligibility of 12 months. Delia received credit for 98 days in custody.

Under Nevada statute, three convictions for domestic battery in less than seven years mandate a prison sentence.