Man sent to jail for resisting officer |

Man sent to jail for resisting officer

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Douglas County Sheriff's Office

A 22-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos man was sentenced Wednesday to six months in Douglas County Jail for resisting a public officer who was investigating an altercation at his home.

East Fork Judge Tom Perkins sentenced Addison Orr to six months for resisting a public officer, and revoked his probation on a domestic battery charge.

Orr claimed he had a relapse which led to his arrest early Sunday.

“I was drunk and I resisted a public officer when I was getting arrested,” he said.

Orr told Perkins he had been drinking since Friday night.

Prosecutor Erik Levin pointed out that Orr had a “fairly lengthy” criminal record including multiple arrests for driving under the influence and marijuana use, minor consuming and domestic battery.

“This is probably based on alcohol as well,” Levin said.

Orr’s attorney, Tod Young, asked that his client have an opportunity at in-patient treatment.

“He’s a 22-year-old who’s been drinking hard since he was 14,” Young said.

Levin said Orr had turned down a prior opportunity at treatment.

“I’ve come to terms with my alcoholism,” Orr said. “Treatment would help me a lot. I’ve been struggling the last two weeks, my sponsor was busy, I called a counselor, and I couldn’t get help.”

Perkins said it was up to Department of Alternative Sentencing Chief Michael Beam whether Orr gets treatment.

“This is not just a relapse,” Perkins said. “You were hiding from the cops, getting in fights with friends, and resisting arrest. The only response you can have when someone tells you you’re under arrest is to lay on the ground with your hands over your head.”

Orr was taken into custody after he tried to evade deputies who responded to his home. According to the sheriff’s report, Orr tried to close a gate on one of the deputies, and had to be wrestled to the ground to be handcuffed.

The deputy’s foot was injured.