Man sent to jail for parade battery |

Man sent to jail for parade battery

Staff Reports

A 52-year-old Wellington man is to begin serving 10 days in Douglas County Jail on Friday after he admitted pushing two people watching the Carson Valley Days parade in front of Sharkey’s Casino.

Senior Justice Steven R. McMorris sentenced Billy Lavalle Harmon Jr. to 30 days in jail. The first 10 are to be served as straight time and the remainder may be served on weekends. He pleaded guilty to battery.

Harmon was arrested after the incident June 12 which he called “a terrible misunderstanding.”

According to witnesses, Harmon began speaking loudly on a cell phone as the parade passed in front of Sharkey’s where a crowd was watching from the sidewalk.

A 63-year-old woman said Harmon pushed her into the street when she asked him to quiet down. The second victim tried to intervene and was pushed by Harmon, but the suspect claimed the man pushed him first.

In a letter to the court, the man said he didn’t report any injuries the day of the event, but later suffered severe back and leg pains.

Harmon also was carrying a handgun. He said he had the weapon because he was caring for a friend’s goats and a bear was seen on the property.

Harmon said he no longer has a concealed weapons permit.

He told McMorris on Oct. 6 he was “severely regretful” for the battery and was “sorry using my phone was such a great offense to her.”