Man says prison is best place for him |

Man says prison is best place for him

The man who robbed a Minden gas station with a screwdriver while wearing a paperbag over his head in 2008 was sentenced today to 2-5 years in prison after violating his probation with another robbery.

Christopher Hamilton, 44, asked Judge Michael Gibbons to send him to prison where he could continue to dry out from the medications prescribed to control his hallucinations.

Hamilton’s attorney, Derrick Lopez said his client attempted to coimmit two robberies Oct. 24, 2009, in Washoe County in an attempt to get officers to shoot him.

According to Lopez, Hamilton received consecutive 12-36 month prison sentences and a concurrent 28-72 month sentences for robbery in Washoe County. The Washoe County court said the suspended sentence Hamilton received in Douglas County would be concurrent to his other Washoe sentences.

“He fell off the wagon and was looking to have the officers kill him, suicide by cop,” Lopez said.

Gibbons asked Hamilton if he was under any medications related to his mental illness.

“When you were sentenced before there was some question about your mental stability,” Gibbons said.

Hamilton agreed with the judge, saying he’d been sick since 2006.

“I got a light sentence for what I did,” he said. “I need this time in jail. Hospitals won’t keep me. They won’t keep me. The hallucinations went away when I went to prison. I don’t want probation.”

Gibbons found that Hamilton violated his probation and gave him credit for 144 days time served.

“I hope you get some help while you’re inside,” Gibbons said. “I’d hate to see you get out and get back into trouble because you can’t control yourself.”