Man receives prison sentence for false ID |

Man receives prison sentence for false ID

A Lake Tahoe man whose attorney said he struggled with heroin and methamphetamine also went to prison for using someone else’s ID.

Joshua Martin, 27, was sentenced to 12-36 months consecutive to a Tahoe Township Justice Court sentence he’s serving. He told District Judge Tod Young that someone gave him the ID because the person knew he was on the run on Tuesday.

■ A former professional hockey player was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation as part of his suspended sentence on a felony drug charge.

Jason Beeman, 34, received a suspended 12-34-month sentence after he admitted to a count of conspiracy to violate the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

Beeman said he’d received some concussions while playing hockey.

Defense attorney Walter Fey said District Judge Tod Young wouldn’t see Beeman again.

“This is a case when one smash across the chops will make a big difference,” Fey said.

However, Young pointed out that Beeman’s arrest was bizarre and he was concerned about his mental health.

Deputies responded to the parking lot of the Carson Valley Inn where Beeman said he was lying on two children to prevent them from being taken up by aliens.

Beeman said he was under the influence, but that he’d seen aliens in the past.

■ A Douglas County woman who was sentenced to prison after she turned up drunk at DUI court is back in custody on a parole violation.

Leslie Diana Meier, 49, was taken into custody on July 2.

She was scheduled to appear in Douglas County District Court on Monday to set up a payment schedule because she’d been released on house arrest.

Attorney Kris Brown said it turned out Meier was back in custody for violating a condition of parole.

■ A Mound House man is facing up to five years in prison after he admitted a felony drug charge on Monday.

Miky Sears, 47, could also be placed on probation when he returns for sentencing Sept. 16.

Sears pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy to violate the uniform controlled substances act in connection with his Dec. 15, 2018, drug arrest.

Sears missed his June 17 arraignment because he checked himself into a treatment program. He said he was on his way to turn himself in when he was arrested.

He was released on bail.

■ A 29-year-old Lake Tahoe man will likely get probation after he admitted to possession of cocaine on Monday.

Caleb A. Stancil-Womack appeared in District Court with his attorney, William Cole.

He was allegedly found in possession of cocaine on July 4, 2018, but was not arrested at the time.

He is free on bail pending his Sept. 16 sentencing date.