Man in hospital, friend seeks help for family |

Man in hospital, friend seeks help for family

Staff reports

A Gardnerville man needs the help of his community.

Les Wellman, 57, is in critical condition at Washoe Medical Center after a stroke and several other medical problems came on all at once last week.

His friend, Dan Rollberg, said Wellman is the type of person you never expect to get sick.

“He’s a big guy and real rough-looking, but he’s really just a big teddy bear,” Rollberg said of his friend and former co-worker.

Rollberg said Wellman had recently been laid off from his job when he got sick.

“He thought he just had the flu and would weather it out at home,” he said.

However, he got so weak, he had to be taken to the hospital, where it was discovered he has a bacterial infection that has weakened his whole body, causing a wave of problems including high blood sugar, a damaged spleen and erratic blood pressure. Fluid has also filled the pocket around his heart and his lungs.

Rollberg said because Wellman was laid off and because he spends most of the last three years taking care of his mother, Christine Wellman, 83, who had a stroke, their financial situation is shaky.

Rollberg said he has been splitting his time between his part-time job and staying with Christine Wellman since Les has been in the hospital, but because of a broken down vehicle, the division has become difficult.

“I’m going to stay here no mater what,” Rollberg said. “It’s just that they were already hurting financially and now they are totally overwhelmed and they need all the help they can get. There is only one other relative in California and he won’t be up here until next week.”

Les Wellman was a carpenter before having to give up his trade to taking care of his mother, Rollberg said.

“He just wasn’t able to do that and give her the care she needed and be close just in case. I have a lot of respect for him for takin care of her. he’s been absolutely dedicated to taking care of her.”

Mom and son have lived in the Ranchos for the 12 years since Les’ father died 12 years ago, Rollberg said.

If anyone would like to help the Wellmans in anyway, they can reach Rollberg at the Wellman’s home at 265-2480 or write them at 982 Dresslerville Road, Gardnerville.

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