Man gets probation for honeymoon fracas |

Man gets probation for honeymoon fracas

by Sheila Gardner

A Reno man who woke up in jail instead of his honeymoon suite was sentenced Monday to probation and ordered to get help for his drinking.

District Judge Michael Gibbons sentenced Brian Von Williams, 45, to two years probation and said he must attend Alcoholics Anonymous at least once a week.

Williams pleaded guilty in October to battery on a police officer following an incident at a Stateline casino where he and his bride were celebrating their Labor Day wedding.

Deputies were called by security to the Harvey’s Casino parking lot Sept. 2 for a report of an intoxicated couple. They discovered Williams and his wife who was wearing a wedding dress stained in blood and had a a 2-inch gash on her forehead. She was holding a bouquet of red roses.

At his arraignment, Williams said his wife cut her head when she vomited.

He said they had traveled to Harvey’s on a bus from Reno for their honeymoon. He remembered purchasing alcohol, but nothing after that until he woke up in a jail cell.

Security personnel said Williams allegedly attempted to hit them.

Douglas deputies said Williams took a swing at them despite their warning it could be a felony. The suspect reportedly hit a deputy in the forearm and tried to hit him a second time.

He continued to resist arrest and kicked the deputy until he was handcuffed.

“This was a terrible event,” said Tod Young, Williams’ lawyer. “This was his wedding, and his wife had blood all over her wedding dress. He is very embarrassed. He and his wife kind of soiled their wedding day.”

He said from his client’s mental health issues, prescribed medication and alcohol use, Williams couldn’t say what happened that led to his arrest.

Young read an apology Williams wrote to the officer.

“Whatever happened, that’s not who I am,” Williams wrote. “If you meet me sober, that’s the guy I am.”

He thanked the officer for the way he handled his arrest.

“I’m embarrassed for the way I put my family, myself and the officer in a bad situation,” Williams told the judge.

Gibbons told Williams he must stop drinking.

“Alcohol turns you into a wild man,” Gibbons said.

He must abstain from alcohol and drugs, unless prescribed, and follow all recommendations from counseling.

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to do,” Gibbons said. “Your conduct was outrageous.”