Man found in Sierra Tract died of natural causes |

Man found in Sierra Tract died of natural causes

by Adam Jensen

Heart disease is believed to be the cause of death of a man who was found near Lindberg and Lodi avenues Tuesday night.

About 11 p.m. a group of teenagers staying in the area found South Lake Tahoe resident Kenneth Darling, 63, lying face down just south of Lindberg Avenue, according to police.

“When their vehicle was making a U-turn towards Lodi Avenue, the headlights of the vehicle illuminated the man lying face down on the roadway edge,” Lt. Brian Williams said in a Wednesday statement. “It appeared to the reporting party the man was not moving.”

The teenagers called 911 and waited for authorities to arrive. South Lake Tahoe firefighters responded to the scene and performed CPR on Darling, but were unable to revive him, according to the statement.

First responders found no obvious signs of trauma or indications of criminal activity.

“The victim’s wallet, still containing cash and credit cards, had not been taken,” Williams said. “A vehicle nearby was identified as belonging to the victim. It had been parked and did not appear to have been involved in a collision. Preliminary investigation led officers to identify the victim as a resident of an apartment complex on Armstrong Avenue, a nearby street in the neighborhood. Neighbors had seen the victim within recent days, and described nothing unusual.”

An autopsy determined Darling died from coronary artery atherosclerosis, said El Dorado County Sheriff’s Lt. Pete Van Arnum.