Man faces violation after serving prison on drug charge |

Man faces violation after serving prison on drug charge


A Carson City man faces a parole violation after being taken into custody at the Gardnerville Walmart 6:25 p.m. Oct. 18.

Colten Kirby Coralles, 25, was sent to prison in February after both a deferred sentence were revoked.

Coralles collected three violations in six months, including failing to report to parole and probation after he received a suspended sentence for 1-3 years in prison in July 2017 for possession of a methamphetamine.

Coralles was originally arrested in June 2016 for possession of methamphetamine after deputies responded to a report he’d knocked a woman down.

Deputies made the arrest after they were called to the CVS in Stateline for a male throwing a female onto the ground. On scene, both the victim and Coralles denied the incident, however a witness said he saw Coralles throw the victim down onto the ground twice.

Coralles was paroled in May, according to the Nevada Department of Corrections after serving three months.

He had at least seven months time served.