Man faces prison for threatening wife with rifle |

Man faces prison for threatening wife with rifle

Staff Reports

Sentencing for a man who admitted shooting up his own house to frighten his wife is scheduled for this morning in Douglas County District Court.

William Calebaugh, 66, faces a sentence of up to five years in prison after he admitted to one count of attempted assault with a deadly weapon.

Calebaugh was arrested on Sept. 30 after firing a rifle into the floor of his home prompting a second visit from the Douglas County deputies in less than a year. In November 2009 Calebaugh was accused of threatening his wife with a .45 caliber handgun. At his prior sentencing he assured the judge he had disposed of his firearms, but when deputies entered his home after the last arrest, they found more than 100 weapons.

When the most recent incident occurred Calebaugh had been drinking and was up to a .256 blood alcohol content when he was taken into custody.

Calebaugh will no longer be permitted to own a firearm if he’s found guilty of a felony.