Man faces dual felony DUI charges |

Man faces dual felony DUI charges

A Gardnerville man faces prison after an agreement in which he will plead guilty to a felony driving under the influence charge.

Patrick McKinnon, 54, told East Fork Justice Steven McMorris that he agreed to waive his preliminary hearing.

According to attorney Tod Young, McKinnon was in a DUI diversion program when he was arrested for driving under the influence on Sept. 12. He was pulled over for weaving between lanes. A preliminary breath test revealed he had a blood alcohol content of .24 or three times the legal limit. McKinnon had been convicted of DUI in April 2004, June 2007 and October 2008.

Because of that arrest, when McKinnon appears in district court he will face sentencing on both charges. The prosecution agreed to seek 12-30 months on each charge.

Charges that McKinnon tried to lure a 12-year-old boy into his vehicle will be dropped as a result of the agreement.

McKinnon said he thought the boy was his son.

McKinnon is scheduled to appear in Douglas County District Court on Oct. 11.

Young asked that McMorris release McKinnon on his own recognizance or at least reduce his $25,000 cash bail.

McMorris ordered that McKinnon’s bail remain, saying the district court could lower it if they chose.