Man battles traffic issue |

Man battles traffic issue

Holly Atchison

Gardnerville Town board members said they will help resident Vic Bergstrom fight a traffic issue he believes is not receiving the proper attention from county officials.

Bergstrom is concerned about the speeding on Elges Lane in Gardnerville, where he lives.

“The traffic has increased on Elges Lane. I have to listen to squealing tires and 18-wheeler trucks going past my house. It’s knocked some of the nails out of the walls,” he said.

“I have had cars, and one time a tractor that came off a trailer, land on my lawn,” Bergstrom said.

Bergstrom said the surface of Elges is inadequate for trucks to be using the road, and weeds growing along the side of the road make the road too narrow for the wide trucks.

Bergstrom is also concerned about the speed on Toler Road in front of Stodick Park and the lack of a stop sign at the intersection of Toler and Waterloo.

“Put some stop signs in and slow these people down,” he said.

The current speed limit on Toler is 35 mph until the school zone.

Bergstrom believes with the new park, there is also a need for a crosswalk to protect children walking to the park.

Bergstrom originally wrote a letter to Douglas County commissioners in January 1996.

“I got a little follow-up on it,” he said.

He also filled out a citizen’s inquiry to see what could be done about the situation.

Bergstrom said nothing more was done about his request, so he turned to the Gardnerville Town Board for help.

“I’m pursuing it through the Town Board,” Bergstrom said. “I think the town board is going to keep on them (the county).”

Gardnerville Town Manager Diane Pettitt said other citizens have raised the same concerns.

Pettitt said the Gardnerville Town Board has no control over the roads because they are county roads; however, they have made several requests for the county to look at the issues and have received no response.

“We’re not getting much response from the county,” Bergstrom said. “The town has been very cooperative, but the county has been having the attitude that they won’t do anything and it will go away.

“It’s like the county doesn’t want to be bothered with it. That’s the impression I have.”

Douglas County Manager Dan Holler said the county has received the letters.

“The Public Works department is looking at it,” Holler said. “Nothing has been decided yet.”

Holler said there is a problem with Bergstrom’s request.

“He has requested that there be no trucks on the road,” Holler said, “but there is a construction company nearby so they can’t keep the trucks off it.”

Gardnerville Town board members said they will continue to push the issue with the county commission until something is done.