Man arrested for smashing windows |

Man arrested for smashing windows

by Sadie Jo Smokey, Special to the R-C

After a window-smashing rampage late Monday in downtown Gardnerville, a 37-year-old Marine sergeant was arrested for investigation of commercial burglary and destruction of private property.

Douglas County sheriff’s deputies caught up with William Kelly Tyre at the Dance Workshop in Gardnerville after responding to calls of a man breaking glass with a shovel.

He was also accused of breaking windows at two other businesses, a home north of Sharkey’s Nugget and windows in two vehicles.

Marine Corps Major David Eiland took custody of Tyre after deputies took him to jail.

Joseph Hughes said he called the police to report Tyre after he smashed two windows on Hughes’ truck. He said Tyre was probably blowing off steam after missing the Marine Corps bus back to the base in Pickel Meadows, in Coleville, Calif., about 50 miles south on Highway 395. Witnesses said Tyre seemed agitated after learning he had missed the bus.

“If he wanted to use the phone, he could have knocked,” Hughes said. “He slammed the door and smashed the truck windows. He looked like he was waiting for someone to confront him.”

Instead, Hughes called deputies, and Tyre walked down the street, carrying a shovel possibly taken from a victim’s shed.

Five windows and several ceramic pieces were broken at Sager Ceramics.

“He did quite a bit of damage here,” owner Bruce Sager said. “The Venetian blinds diverted most of the glass, but we’re boarding up the windows now.”

The front windows of the Dance Workshop were broken by a shovel believed to have been stolen from a nearby shed.

Ann and Craig Peters, owners of the Dance Workshop, said nothing was missing, and after a long morning of sweeping and mopping, classes resumed early in the afternoon.

“We were here until almost 3 a.m. cleaning,” Ann Peters said. “There was glass all over the dance floor. He broke four big windows and the glass on both doors. We had to cancel the morning class, and we have been here ever since.”

Craig Peters said Maj. Eiland arrived early Tuesday at the studio to apologize and assure the Peters that Tyre would pay for all the damages.

“He was very apologetic, He said, ‘(Tyre’s) a Marine, he’ll pay double,'” Peters said. “We thought it was a very nice gesture.”

A damage estimate was unavailable.